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Megan White

Registered Massage Therapist

“The Active Approach is not only about providing excellent quality of care but about listening to the needs and goals of every patient to help them reach their full potential!”


Megan graduated from Island Career Academy with honors in the Massage Therapy Program. After realizing a career in communications would not be fulfilling, a change was needed.

It was important to Megan to integrate her love of health, fitness, and wellness with the desire to help people. Combining these attributes just seemed to flow directly towards massage therapy. Being able to use her hands to therapeutically influence a person’s own health journey is something that Megan really devotes to her practice. She will continue to pursue more techniques and modalities to aid not only herself but all patients that come through her practice.

Megan grew up in Ontario and visited family in Nova Scotia during the summer months. This led her to fall in love with the area and lifestyle that so many adore about Cape Breton. Running and hiking on the numerous trails throughout Cape Breton is one her favorite pastimes.

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Megan believes that stepping into nature, whether in the trees or by the sea will heal your soul. Together, nature and massage therapy can encourage harmony in a person’s mind, body, and soul.

Megan is a professional member of the Massage Therapy Association of Nova Scotia and recipient of the MTANS award for her graduating class.

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