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Paul Travis


Certified in Dry Needling

“The Active Approach is about educating and empowering patients to regain control of their own health and accomplish their goals”

Paul Travis

Paul Travis received his degree in Human Kinetics at St. Francis Xavier University. In the following years, after graduating from St FX, Paul worked as a kinesiologist within a multidisciplinary team, which led him to study physiotherapy at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Paul’s interest in biomechanics and injury led him to a seasonal lecture position at Cape Breton University, where he teaches 1st and 3rd-year students about injury, rehabilitation, and biomechanics. Paul’s knowledge of the biomechanics of musculoskeletal injuries expanded his treatment interests in manual therapy, segmental dry needling, and functional assessment. Using a goal-oriented approach to treatment, he focuses on the client’s outcome and success definition.

With an interest in healthcare and rehabilitation innovation, Paul co-founded Talem AI, an AI company that automates insurance claim processing. He is passionate about using technology to improve health outcomes in clinical practice and actively works with tech startups sharing the same vision. Paul enjoys spending time with his family and his dog, a Rhodesian ridgeback, and lifting weights. In the summertime, Paul can be found on the Bras’dor lakes on the weekends.

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