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Dr. Richard Thompson

Chiropractor & Clinic Director

Certified Active Release Techniques® Provider, Certified Graston Technique® Provider

“The Active Approach is about listening, understanding, educating and empowering”


Originally from Markham, Ontario, Dr. Richard Thompson obtained his Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, with a particular academic focus in biomechanics and human physiology. He earned his Doctor of Chiropractic diploma from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto, where he maintains an ongoing relationship as a member of the college. Dr. Thompson became an active member of the Council of the College of Chiropractors of Nova Scotia from 2011 through 2015, serving in both the Treasurer and Vice President roles. In 2015, he co-founded the Collaborative Care Conference (C3) Series, an organization that hosted a lineup of healthcare professionals from diverse disciplines to present on various health topics from their respective expertise.

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Dr. Thompson has been actively involved in competitive sports since early childhood. Having played competitive volleyball, hockey, and soccer, his interest in chiropractic was formed early thanks to the various sports injuries that came with the territory. He also has been an avid golfer for many years and currently plays out of Oakfield Golf & Country Club. As such, his current day practice involves a special area of interest in sport related injury and performance.

Dr. Thompson’s clinical practice has been based on first determining a clear and concise diagnosis before an evidence-based treatment plan is implemented and thoroughly discussed with the patient. By looking at the overall cause for pain and injury, rather than the symptoms the injury evokes, his various treatment modalities and techniques can be applied very specifically and effectively for a quick resolution of the problem(s). Dr. Thompson attributes a lot of his clinical success towards being a certified Level 2 practitioner in Active Release Techniques® for nearly 15 years, which has taken his palpation, diagnostic, and treatment skills to the next level. He maintains his ART® credentials annually at seminars throughout North America where he works with elite athletes from all over the world. He has completed advanced ART® training in Active Palpation, Long-Tract Nerve Entrapments, Biomechanical Assessment, and Complex Protocols. He also became an Ironman® Network Provider after completing on-site training and treatment at the Ford Ironman in Phoenix, Arizona in 2011. His latest ART® certification now includes Level 2 training in Spine and Upper Extremity protocols. Dr. Thompson is also a Certified Graston Techniques® provider and Certified Kinesio Taping provider. He has also completed post-graduate training in golf performance therapy, soft-tissue palpation techniques, and low-level laser therapy certification.

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